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Trades Facilitator – forgin connections with Industry - July 2010

I would like to start by saying what an amazing community we have here in Wanganui, and how much support the community are giving to this initiative.  The hours of volunteer input and support from the community is heartwarming.

First of all congratulations to Cody Lawton who has just signed up with Apex Electronic as a Electronic Technician.  Any business looking at employing apprentices it would be great to hear from you, to discuss how we can work with you to ensure the process of employing an apprentice is as smooth as possible.

A successful Day was held during the school holidays when a group of 18 students from Wanganui High School, City College, Cullinane College and Colligate School attended an Industry Day at INTRANZ.  It was fantastic to see these students take time out of their school holidays to look at their future. 

Our Schools operation group members,Bob Wilson (City College), Craig Adams (Wanganui High School), Reece Adam (Cullinane College), Dallas Hair and Cadena Tuwhangai (Work and Income), Katarina Hina (UCOL), Ellen Titter (Training for You), Claire Cowley (YMCA) are working hard preparing for our In Schools Trades Promotion in August we have four fabulous presenters from Training For You who will be presenting to the schools. Watch this space Wanganui....

In November there will be Industry visits during the week of the 15-19 of November we are looking at taster days for our year 10 students.  We will be approaching business for our students to visit if any business out there would like to be a part of this you can contact the Wanganui Chamber of Commerce. 

Once again thank you Wanganui for your support

Trades Facilitator – working with schools - 17 May 2010

On Monday 17th May 16 Students from City College and Cullinane College attended a brainstorming session, the session kicked off with a golfing session to ensure students felt relaxed with each other before settling into the session which included Pizza as the ‘bribe’. Click here to view photos .

  • Outcomes from this session were as follows:
  • Understanding students knowledge of trades
  • Understanding of pathways into trades, and where they thought each year group should be receiving information on trades.
  • How students would like to receive information on Trades
  • Role Models delivering the information
  • Forming a student group to assist with the Trades Days

We are in the process of setting up an operations group to run Trade and Industry Days in schools, we will be meeting with a large group of people from various areas of Schools, Independent training organisations, private training educators , Independent  training providers and Trades representatives  on 2nd June.  This meeting will be to discuss how we can work with students in Wanganui Schools and how trades can be promoted as a career over the next 12-18 months and ongoing.

Anyone in the community who would like to have input into this meeting we would love to hear from you, just give us a call at the Wanganui Chamber of Commerce.  We are also looking for Role Models who can present at our Trade Days so once again any ideas are welcome, for this initiative to be successful community input and support is vital.

Please either phone Susan on 063450080 or email her at susan@wanganuichamber.co.nz

Trades Facilitator Report - April 2010 

I am now three weeks into my role as Trades Facilitator and what an exciting three weeks it has been.  

The support I have received from everyone in the office, the board and the Wanganui Community has been overwhelming. 

The last three weeks I have spent my time learning about the role what has already been acheived and how we can move forward with this amazing initiative.

So far we have meet and had a very constructive meeting with the Wanganui Tertiary Education Steering Group, meet with various Trades and Schools.  

We are currently in the process of setting up an Advisory Group and also an operations group to get the message across to our Students and parent about what Trades are all about what pathways are available to students. 

The next 12 months are going to be really exciting and I look forward to working with the community to get our young people back into Trades. 

New Trades Facilitator appointed -
29 March 2010

Susan Crawshaw has accepted the position of Trades facilitator with the Wanganui Chamber and takes up the position on March 29th. 

We are delighted to have Susan join the Chamber Team and look forward to her picking up the reins on the project to take it to the next level.

Trades Facilitator Report

Trades Workshop Report - 9 November 2010









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